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february, 2017

12feb4:45 pm- 9:00 pmWe Make MoviesBack Bar Stage

Event Details

The WE MAKE MOVIES SCREENING SERIES is back this year with 4 hours of badass independent Los Angeles cienma. We have a webseries, a feature film and a slate of short films with a short q & a after each slate.

COVER: $10 Suggested Donation

DOOR’S OPEN AT 4:45 PM SHARP! There is a bar in the screening venue so, you can watch while you drink!


37 PROBLEMS, 2015-2017, 60 minutes
A struggling 37 year-old screenwriter is all about her career, UNTIL she finds out she has one egg left. Suddenly she has to find a guy, freeze the egg, or do nothing and live a different life than she imagined.
Created, Written and Directed by: Lisa Ebersole / Produced by: Lisa Ebersole, Laura Hauschild, Holly A. Hines, Avraham Kadar, Caddy Vanasirikul and Sheilynn Wactor / Cinematography by: Jennifer Gittings and Ruben Contreras / Edited by: Jim Holdridge / Production Design: Kerri Parker / Makeup Department: Michele Miguel and Yusuke Tateishi / Sound Department: Victoria Carrillo and Jonathan Millett / Starring: Lisa Ebersole, Joseph D. Reitman and Stephanie Sanditz


THE WOLVES OF SAVIN HILL, 2017, 83 minutes
Childhood friends from the streets of Boston drift apart following a shocking discovery deep in the woods of Savin Hill. Years later a tragic murder brings them together again…
Written and Directed by: John Beaton Hill / Produced by: Sean Ireland, David Cooley, John Beaton Hill and David Atamian / Starring: Brian Scannell, David Cooley, Kurt Fuller, Jack McGee, Tim deZarn, Jason Oliver, Tiprin Mandalay, Suzanne Willard, Paul Carafotes, Marco Verdier, Jordan Van Vranken, Tonya Cornelisse, Megan Davis and Nicole Haddad


INSANITY, 2017, 5 minutes
A short film based on the highly acclaimed video game Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft giving us more of the back-story of the sarcastically cruel villain of the game – Vaas Montenegro. The piece explores his dualistic nature while also hinting at the reason why he became what we known him to be.
Directed by: Kiril Sabev / Written by: Kiril Sabev and Kiril Georgiev / Produced by: Gergana Angelova / Cinematography: Mladen Minev / Edited by: Gergana Angelova / Sound Mixer on Set: Yavor Lazorov / Sound Design: Rado Minev / Production Designer: Kristian Lekov / Make-up: Doriana Paneva / Visual FX: Georgi Svetlomirov / Starring: Kiril Georgiev

CRAZY, 2016, 11 minutes and 30 seconds
Crazy is what separates fact from fiction when a kidnapped woman faces her abductor in a deadly game of cat and mouse.
Directed by: Jilon VanOver Co-Written / Co-Edited by: Jilon VanOver / Produced by: Jilon VanOver, Vince Parenti, Simon Vallejo and Andres Mendez / Composer: Carson Aune, Sound Design: Bronic Bednarek / Starring: Edoardo Costa and Guebri VanOver

POOR MAN’S MERMAID, 2014, 9 minutes and 12 seconds
Based on the short story from Sundance alumni, Marvel comics writer, and celebrated author, Clay Mcleod Chapman, a man’s prayers are answered as he recounts the stories his father told him of the mythical woman of the ocean.
Written and Directed by: Jessica Silvetti and Ethan Kogan / Story: Clay Mcleod Chapman / Cinematography: Ethan Kogan / Edited by: Ethan Kogan / Sound Mixer: Adam Snyder / Starring: Cameron Dye and Ethan Kogan

IT’S ASIAN MEN, 2016, 7 minutes
A story about an Asian American wife and husband who get hot and bothered on a date night in, but the mood changes for the worse when they watch Magic Mike and see no hot sexy Asian men at all. (Thanks again, Hollywood.) But in the wife’s dreams, she finds herself in an alternate all-Asian version of the film… then wakes up to a pleasant surprise.
Written and Directed by: Narhee Ahn / Produced by: Narhee Ahn, Junko Goda and Dorothy Xiao / Cinematography by: Hana Kitasei / Music by: George Shaw / Edited by: Matt Antell / Costume: Melynda Choothesa / Makeup: Saori Nakada / Starring: Randel Cuevas, Junko Goda, Bo Haan, Peter Jae, Cedric Jonathan, Tim Lounibos and Yoshi Sudarso

SKIP THE YOUTH, 2015, 10 minutes
A son’s wise cracking relationship with his mother turns rocky when she elects to receive hospice care.
Written and Directed by: Collin Blair / Cinematography by: Jon Peter / Production Design: Michael Paul Clausen / Produced by: Collin Blair and Gabriela Blair

FA FU, 2016, 6 minutes
Fa Fu (translation: Skin and Hair) is a story about a timid woman who begins to lose her hair due to stress, only to find her personality undergoes a transformation as a result.
Written and Directed by: Yu Jung Hou / Produced by: Tarik Polansky / Cinematography by: Ivan Bordas Butler / Music by: Tao Liu / Edited by: Yu Jung Hou and Tarik Polansky / Starring: Britt Fiola, Todd Hansen, Jessica Lee, Talbott Lin and Jimmy May


(Sunday) 4:45 pm - 9:00 pm PST


The Three Clubs

1123 Vine St, Hollywood